Call us: 01634 294 944


Call us: 01634 294 944

Ferodo Premier pads for CV

Ferodo Premier brake pads are carefully engineered for the needs of commercial vehicles and supplied extensively as original equipment. They are safe and highly effective brake parts, which help reduce maintenance and downtime.

Ferodo Premier linings for CV

As long-established braking specialists, Ferodo is the natural choice of vehicle, brake and axle manufacturers. Each brake lining complies with very specific requirements to guarantee superior, long-lasting Performance.
Commercial brake lining

Ferodo Premier Pads for Cars and Light Commercials

Ferodo Premier brake pads bring you safe, reliable braking – every time you need it. As the choice of leading vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat, Ford, Renault and Volkswagen, our brake pads deliver top-of-the-range original equipment (OE) quality and expertise.

Ferodo Premier Discs for Cars and Light Commercials

There’s no room for second best in braking. Ferodo brake discs are the ideal match for our Premier brake pads, carefully engineered and Rigorously tested to bring the ultimate in quality braking.

Prestige Range

FERODO pioneering ecological technology only gives you benefits:
  • Greener: offering low/zero-copper braked formulations, reducing heavy metals and emissions.
  • Safer: premium quality brake pads guaranteeing best-in-class stopping performance.
  • OE technology fitted on Audi A4 and Mercedes Benz C-Class.
Bespoke car parts
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