Call us: 01634 294 944


Call us: 01634 294 944
propshaft specialists

Kent's propshaft specialists

Aghabridge Ltd in Rochester manufactures, re-manufactures and repairs propshafts. We provide various propshafts including industrial propeller shafts, heavy plant vehicle propshafts, P.T.O. shafts, commercial truck propshafts and steering shafts. Our fully equipped workshop means we can perform prompt and efficient services and repairs.
steering shafts
Piston rods

We can also provide

  • Piston rods
  • Seal kits
  • End caps
  • Hydraulic rams

Propshaft repair services

Aghabridge Ltd in Rochester specialises in propshaft repairs to heavy plant, commercial vehicles, industrial propeller shafts and P.T.O shafts.

The safety of your vehicles is of prime importance to you, and to us. That's why you can rely on our components and our service. Get in touch with us today for batteries and hydraulics
Propshaft repair
For propshaft servicing and repairs get in touch with us on 
01634 294 944
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